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What's the cashless?

Cashless is a payment method that utilises a radio frequency identification (RFID) chip, without bank cards (credit / debit) or cash. This means that within the festival grounds you cannot pay with cash or bank cards, as all purchases are made with the cashless wristband. The wristband is also your access to the festival area and all your festival and camping site tickets will be transferred in to your wristband.


Where do I get my wristband?

You change your ticket to the wristband before entering the festival area. You can do this during the festival week at the “Rokkikontti” information point located in the Joensuu city center, or from Friday onwards at the Main Gate wristband changing point. If you are staying at one of the camping sites , you can also change the ticket at the Ravileirintä and Niittyleirintä gates.


How do I upload money to my wristband?

It is possible to upload money to your wristband beforehand online via your Cashless account and during the festival at the Top-up points. Ravileirintä camping site has its own Top-up point. Unused money can be refunded after the festival.


Is there an additional payment when uploading money?

Adding credit to your wristband is free, and the money will be transferred to the RFID chip without delay.


How can I upload money beforehand?

Money can be uploaded to your wristband via your own Cashless Account. Go to the cashless section of the Ilosaarirock website and register with your email and ticket number. Notice that you cannot create an account with your camping ticket!

With which payments I can upload money to my Cashless Account?

You can use all the common ways of payment: online bank transfers, credit card and mobile pay. Payments are handled by Checkout Finland Oy.


How long can I upload money to my Festival Account?

Money can be uploaded from beginning of the June all the way until the festival’s closing time. Money can be uploaded during the festival for example at home on your couch or at the festival area depending on your internet connection.

How can I get my receipts?

All the receipts of your purchases are in electronic form. If you created your own Cashless Account you find your receipts there and those can be checked until the end of the year. After this all information will be erased.

I created a festival Account, but I didn't get the confirmation email. What should I do?

If you don't get the confirmation email, check first your email-s trash folder. If you still cannot find it and it doesn’t arrive after you have waited for a while, send an email to: cashless@ilosaarirock.fi and we will solve it out.

How can I upload money by using Festival Account?

Your Festival Account shows you different ways to upload money. You can upload money by choosing the payment method and sum, confirm purchase and money will be transferred. You can also choose Auto top up which means that you can upload cash automatically with one click when you are purchasing something when the wristband is running out of cash. This is possible only if you have connected your payment card to your Festival Account.

How automatic cash upload works (Auto Top-up)?

In your festival account, You can choose Auto top up which means that you can upload cash automatically with one click when you are purchasing something when the wristband is running out of cash. This is possible only if you have connected your payment card to your Festival Account.

Can I upload money to as many tickets as I like from one Festival Account?

No. The festival Account and the wristband are both for Festival use, therefore those can be used by one person. One person can have just one Account and one wristband.

Why should I upload money by using the Festival Account?

Money upload is the safest and the fastest way to control your wristband. You are able to upload money to your wristband before and during the event. By uploading cash via you Festival Account avoid traffic and lines at the festival site Top-up points. Also when using the Festival Account you make sure that we find your information if you break or lose your wristband.

I have two tickets for two different days. What do I do?

Create your Festival Account by using your ticket which you are going to use first. Take your second ticket with you to change your wristband, this second ticket will be transferred to your wristband.

How much should I upload money?

You can upload money to your wristband as much as you like, but we suggest you upload enough money for your entire visit. By doing this you avoid traffic at the Top-up points.

How much can I upload money?

You can upload money from 10 euros to 500 euros. The maximum amount that can be uploaded to the wristband at one time is 500 euros because of safety reasons.

How long can the wristband and Festival Account be used?

The wristband can be used during the festivalat the festival site, where it can be used as much as you like. Festival Account and its receipts can be checked until December 31st, 2018. After this all information on Festival Account will be erased.

What can I buy with my wristband?

The wristband is the only accepted payment method at the festival site where you can use it to buy drinks, food, accessories and other services.

What will happen if I don't have enough money on my wristband?

If you don't have money on your wristband you are not able to buy anything. You can upload money at the Top-up points in the festival area.

Can I use my wristband elsewhere for purchases?

No you cannot. Wristbands are festival specific, so the wristbands cannot be use elsewhere other than in Ilosaarirock festival area.

How do I get the unspent money back?

You can get refunded for you unused money by filling and submitting a form on this site after the festival has ended. The refund form is open for 48hours after the festival, until 31.7.2018 at 23.59. The refunds will be returned to the customer’s bank account within one week after sending the refund form. We do no refund sums under 2€ and each refund has a transfer fee of 1€. You need to fill your name, e-mail address, banking information and your wristbands chip number in the refund form.

Is it safe to use Cashless?

Cashless is a secure and reliable system. The operating principle of the wristband is safe and it is not easy to lose a wristband that is attached to your wrist, and it is nearly impossible to misuse. The wristband cannot be removed without breaking it, so you don't have to worry about having your method of payment with you throughout the festival weekend. Wristbands chips cannot be ”scanned” with ordinary payment terminals. The wristbands function with their own program and all the devices on the festival area are coded for the sole need and use of the Ilosaarirock festival. the payment terminals which are common in grocery stores are not able to ”steal” cash from the wristbands.

A wristband which is not attached on your wrist cannot be accepted as a payment method.

Is it privacy policy noted?

Yes. System functions with its own program in a safe environment and all the licences are protected. The purchase information is not connected to Festival information. A person named by organizer has its right to do so if a customer asks for it. Information is used just for Ilosaarirock Cashless -system actions, improvements and statistics. Information is also used for interaction in the Cashless -system.

Is the wristband waterproof?

The wristband and its chip are resistant to water, sun lotion and general festival life atmosphere.

My cash balance doesn't seem to be right, what should I do?

Within every purchase you will see your purchase amount and the remaining cash amount on your cash balance after the purchase. If you have any doubts of your purchase, you can go to Top-up points in the festival area or to the Info Point and ask a member of staff to show you your receipts. You can also check your purchases from you own Cashless Account on the internet. Notice! There might be some delay caused by festival situations, why your purchase history doesn’t seem to be updating in real time. In this kind of a situation we recommend to wait until the next day, and check if the purchases are updated.

If I lose my wristband what should I do?

If you notice that your wristband is missing, or it is not working, go to the Info Point near the main gate which is open 24h. Show your festival ticket or wristband’s number and we can close the previous wristband and transfer its information to your new wristband. All of your wristband’s information will be transferred into your new wristband. Make sure you do this straight away if your wristband goes missing. If it has been misused while getting a new one, unfortunately the festival cannot compensate any losses in these situations.

Why does my refund page show a balance less than what was remaining at the end of the festival?

The refund system will automatically calculate the correct refundable balance. All devices are checked after the festival and all purchased will be checked.

Why cannot I activate my parking ticket?

A parking ticket cannot be linked to your wristband. Parking tickets have to be bought beforehand and they have to be shown at the parking place’s gate to the security staff. You can print or show your parking ticket from you mobile at gates as well.

I have more questions about Cashless. Where do I find more information?

Read the Cashless section from Ilosaarirock website first and also check these answers. If you require more information on cashless payments, we are happy to answer: cashless@ilosaarirock.fi.