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What's cashless?

- Cashless is a payment system that makes transactions inside the festival faster and easier. You will have a wristband/ where you can charge the amount of money that you plan to spend and then use it at any bar, shop or foodtruck inside the festival area. At the end of your visit you'll be able to recover the remaining balance onsite or online.

Where do I get my wristband?

- You'll receive your wristband when you scan your ticket at the entrance of the festival.

How do I put money into my wristband?

- You can charge your wristband online before and during the festival or at any top-up point inside the festival area. If you want to charge online, go to the festival's website and follow the instructions in the cashless section. Keep in mind that you'll need your ticket number in order to register and start topping up your wristband. If you prefer to charge onsite, go to any top-up booth and pay in cash or credit card.

How can I top up my wristband online?

- Topping up your wristband online is possible before and during the festival. Go to the cashless section of the festival's website and register with your email and ticket number. If you are already inside the festival and you don't have a ticket number, you can still register using the unique code that you can find on the back of your wristband.

Once you've registered, from the homepage of your personal account you'll be able to select the top-up option that you prefer, add it to the basket and pay with your credit card or PayPal account. The top-up options may include different top-up amounts and/or specific products. Watch out for offers that may be available for higher top-up options.

I registered online but didn't receive the confirmation email, what can I do?

- If you don't receive the confirmation email, check in your SPAM folder as it may have ended up there. If it's not there either and doesn't arrive even after several minutes, send an email to our customer service and we will get back to you asap.

What are the different options for online top-up?

- The homepage of your personal account will show you all the top-up options, which can include different recharge packs or specific products. When you choose a recharge pack, you can also decide if you want it to be a one-time manual top-up or an automatic one. Manual top-ups are a one-time payment that charge your wristband with the selected amount: if you run out of credit in the festival, you'll have to top-up again online or onsite. Automatic top-ups instead are automatically renewed each time your balance goes below zero.

Can I top-up multiple wristbands with the same account?

- If you are attending 2000 Trees as a family group (or just a couple), you can now conveniently manage the cashless credit for everyone in one place, meaning that you don't need to register a separate personal account for each person.

To do this, simply register or log-in to your own account and follow the instructions to connect the other people's tickets to your account. Do this in the same way that you linked your own ticket, ie. by entering their unique ticket barcode number. Now you will be able to select which person gets credited whenever you make a new online topup. You can also keep track of what each individual spends, in the transaction history. If they run out of funds during the festival, they can still top themselves up by visiting the topup stations and using cash or their debit/credit card.

How much should I charge into my wristband?

- You can charge your wristband with the amount that you want, but we suggest you to put enough money for your entire visit, as this will allow you to save time in queues and avoid having to go back to the top-up point again if you run out of credit.

Does my wristband have a limit or expiration date?

- Your wristband will be valid for the entire duration of the festival and you can use as many times as you want. For security reasons, the maximum amount accepted on the wristband is £300 at a time.

What can I buy with my wristband?

- Inside the festival, your wristband is the only accepted payment method. You can use it at every bar, shop, foodtruck and facilities service in the festival area.

What happens if I don't have enough credit on my wristband?

- If the balance on your wristband is too low, you won't be able to pay. The operator will ask you to go to top-up at any of the top-up booths and will indicate the one closer to you. To avoid queues, you can top-up online too. And if you selected an automatic top-up online, you'll never need to top-up during the festival, as your balance will update automatically.

What happens to my money at the end?

- If you don't spend all the money on your wristband, you can ask for a refund online. Remember to keep your wristband with you when you leave the festival. You will need it to ask for your online refund.

How can I get an online refund?

- Online refunds open on Tuesday 16th July and last until Wednesday 31st July.

Is cashless safe?

- Yes, your wristband is protected by a highly secure encryption that makes impossible to copy or steal the money and all the information stored on it.

Is my wristband water resistant?

- Yes, sun and rain are not a problem for your wristband.

What if I've doubts about my balance?

- At each location and before/after each transaction you can check the remaining balance on your wristband. If you have doubts about any past transaction, you can go to the InfoPoint in the festival area and ask for your transaction history or keep an eye on it from your personal account. NOTE: sometimes due to connectivity issues of the devices used in the festival, there might be a delay in updating the transaction history that you see online or at the InfoPoint. In this case, please wait until the end of the day to get your confirmed transaction history.

What happens if I lose my wristband?

- Losing your wristband is like losing your wallet and your ticket, so remember to tighten it properly to your wrist or keep it safe in your pocket. Even so, if you lose it or it gets stolen, you can go to the InfoPoint and ask for a new one. You'll be asked to show your ticket and be given a new wristband, but your new wristband won't have any of the money you had on your previous wristband.

Why does your refund page show a balance lower than what was remaining at the end of the festival?

- The refund system will automatically calculate the correct refundable balance. The money that you received for free as an incentive or a gift can not be refunded.